Founded in 2016, Urban Miner is a start-up company that creates values by breathing into Coffee bean waste thrown away in the city. Giving ourselves creative opportunities to innovate in a new material field. We aim to introduce new technologies based on our eco-friendly material, carbonized coffee beans waste. By using just carbonized coffee beans we can create safe and clean activated charcoal, able to act as an active layer adsorbing gas and odors purifying our air and water. This can be added to paper filters including one more sheet layer acting as shield for particles.

Na Yong-Hun, CEO of urban miner. He had achieved his master’s degree in environmental systems at Korea University and his Ph.D. degree at the same university in environmental engineering. He had the chance to join different researching and development companies like Climate Change Center as Senior Researcher, (2007. 11 ~ 2010. 1), and Korea Institute of Science and Technology Green Technology as a technical researcher (2010. 3 ~ 2014. 12). His 18 years of experience as a researcher in developing eco-friendly materials and technologies gave him the opportunity to be the leader of his own start-up since 2016. He is also a part of the ecological environment advisory evaluation committee, at Seoul metropolitan office of education (2010-2012) and currently a deputy member of Seoul subsidies (2015 ~ prese